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How dangerous is PM 2.5 dust? How good is an air purifier? Precautions for use and benefits of air purifiers
       Particulate matter PM 2.5 is a dust in the air with very small particle size. (Smaller than 2.5 microns) (PM stands for Particulate Matters) is very small. makes us unable to see with the naked eye But if this dust is very high in the air

      It will make it look like a dense fog or smoke. The cause of PM 2.5 dust is mainly caused by combustion from engine exhaust, cigarette smoke, garbage burning, grass burning, burning fuel used in factories, etc. PM 2.5 dust can be combined with Other pollutants are also like hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Due to their very small dust size, they can pass through the filtering of the nasal hairs into the trachea. and go deep into the alveoli and into the bloodstream Causing negative effects on the body and life-threatening If there are complications of other diseases as well

How does PM 2.5 dust affect the body?

       In bad weather, high dust pollution, many people may feel a burning sensation in their eyes, a burning nose or a sore throat. The respiratory system is the system that is most affected. Because when you breathe in PM 2.5 dust, you will feel a burning sensation in your nose. including feeling unwell Throat irritation, including cough and runny nose In patients with underlying medical conditions such as allergies or lung diseases (eg asthma, emphysema), special care must be taken. Because this dust will make the disease relapse easily. and may cause the body to deteriorate as well

       In the long term, it can cause lung cancer. Cardiovascular disease It also damages our skin as well. Because the skin is an organ that helps to cover the body. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid exposure to dust pollution.

Reduce pollution, reduce dust, reduce PM 2.5, purify the air.

       An air purifier is another very important appliance that almost every household should have. especially families with young children. or patients with respiratory disease or a family with a dusty local environment in a city or a construction site. to an environment with an unpleasant smell It is necessary to find an air purifier in your possession, not allergic to other electrical appliances.

Benefits of an air purifier

       Its main benefit is to purify the air from the air that may contain dust, moisture, germs, dust mites or anything else that may be present in the air. Which we can't see, can't prevent it from entering the body. An air purifier will help trap that air. and filtered to become clean air It's good for the health of our room occupants, in the building, and although an air purifier may not purify the air 100%, it can help to make the air cleaner. Allows breathing to fill the lungs up. And the body can use good air to the fullest than unclean air. Which, even if it is a healthy person, if exposed to unclean air, it can still cause disease. Not to mention how many people with allergies have trouble breathing.

Precautions when using an air purifier

       is to learn how to work in order to help the air purifier work perfectly. help solve health problems It's not bought to add to the problem. That is, you need to know how to take care of it, and you need to know that an air purifier's air filter or filter has its own lifespan. can't be used forever Because it itself has to absorb quite a bit of dirt and germs, it is imperative to take care to replace the filter as it ages. Do not use while the air filter has expired. which should be checked from the details under each product before ordering Or if the information listed is not clear enough, you can contact the seller directly.

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